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Shaa’ir+Func, Birmingham – 02.Nov.09

Another superb gig –

About a year ago my music boundaries were pushed in a whole new direction when I came across Shaa’ir and Func. These guys some how manage to encompass bass-heavy rhythms and poetic lyrics with drum n bass, indie and rock seamlessly into their own unique and distinctive style.

The venue was the perfect setting for the gig, held at Sound Bar, Birmingham’s newest and finest alternative music bar. The night was kicked off by S+F’s supporting act, The Amateurs. After their set, it was time for the main event, the main reason why I had been following this band for a whole year!

From the onset, they delivered a burst of pure energy and creativity, like art coming alive. Shaa’ir (Monica Dogra) has this awesome stage presence that is created with a voice that‘s powerful yet elegant and poetic. She did a fantastic job engaging the crowd with her striking looks and ever-present charm. Func’s (Randolph Correia) brilliantly layered electronica loops and demonstrating his talent on a beautiful candy coloured (redish and blue) Gibson guitar.

Though an intimate crowd, they played as though there were thousands of people, generating an electric atmosphere, almost too intense for the walls of Sound bar. Monica and Randolph gave it their all in style, together with their bass player Anand Subaya and drummer. Performing tracks from their two albums New Day and Light Tribe, fans were fortunate to get a sneak peak of their forthcoming album. S+F finished off with “Embrace” and blimey what a performance!!

When I walked through the doors of Sound bar I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone sounds great on cd but an artist’s true talent is showcased when they perform live. I’ve got to admit S+F delivered gracefully with such passion, it’s obvious that they live and breathe music. As a fan, I can’t ask for more than that.

To understand what S+F are about and to fully appreciate them, you need to witness in person their full potential. These guys are best when they play live.

Hats off to the IMC (International Music Consultancy) for bringing the gig to Birmingham.

Laved it 🙂

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