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Together – Talvin Singh+Niladri Kumar join forces

Two truly innovative musicians come together to form a breathtaking combination. Their latest collaboration aptly titled “Together”, brings their formidable talents and skills to unravelling fresh soundscapes set in a classical music backdrop.

I cannot express my joy when I heard about this album – reasons are many, as I’m sure a lot of you will understand.

When I first saw them perform together in Manchester back in 2009, I was left in awe of the sounds that hit my ear drums. Read about the concert here:

Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar, Manchester – 25.Sept.09


Definitely one to look out for this year!!

Released April 2011 on ‘WOMEX label of the year 2010’ World Village
on CD in the UK and Download Worldwide.

Sample the 10 tracks from the album below:


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